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Liquid Armor


Liquid Armor

Liquid Armor - $39.00
(Liquid Armor 2oz Spray Mist Bottle)

Liquid Armor x 2 Bottles - $59.00
(Liquid Armor 2oz Spray Mist Bottle x2)

      Liquid Armor safely cleans, protects and beautifies absolutely EVERYTHING!!! Metal, glass, plastic, chrome, gold, silver, leather, vinyl, wood, etc... Enhances all surfaces.

      Liquid Armor Treated Compact Discs Offer Superior Sonic Performance.

       Smooth frequency response and incredible dynamic range. Scratched discs have always been a major pet peeve of mine. Liquid Armor was initially conceived to safely clean compact discs and provide protection against minor scratches. It turns out to have excellent anti-static properties and produces a high-gloss mirror finish. I have come to the conclusion that the improved sound quality is derived from the combination of these attributes. The high-gloss finish smoothes out imperfections in the discs surface and in return cd’s sound much more “analog”. I personally can not listen to untreated discs at all anymore. The “jagged” digital frequency response is just too over-bearing for me. Especially since I know it only takes a few seconds to treat a disc and I can be enjoying smooth, dynamic Liquid Armor sound.
      Use it on anything you want to have look its best and have added protection from scratches, finger prints, etc… Jewelry, watches, cell phones, computer screens, laptops, cameras, sunglasses, iPod etc… Anything you value, this will make it beautiful and protect it from finger prints, scratches etc… Leather, vinyl, wood, glass, plastic… safe for all surfaces. Once you see it makes everything look better than new, I’m sure you won’t run out of uses for it!!!

      General Application: Mist surface or micro-fiber cloth. Apply to all surfaces. Use dry portion of cloth to buff to a high-gloss finish.

      Compact Disc Application: Place disc label down on left pointer finger and hold edge with left thumb. Spray mist on disc or use moistened micro-fiber cloth, rotate disc with thumb while buffing side-to-side with micro-fiber cloth along what would be considered the radius of the circle(from left finger tip to edge of disc). Buff in this manner until droplets disappear. Then use dry portion of cloth to buff to mirror finish. So, throw on a favorite cd. Give it a listen. Then treat the disc. Then listen to a new level of audio bliss…

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Liquid Armor

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