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NEW   Violectric Next Generation Headphone Amplifiers - V220 & V281   NEW

We are proud to announce that after two years of work our new headphone amplifier designs have finally been completed. Both the electronics and the case designs have been finished and are now ready for the next phase, setting up production. The new models for 2014 are named V220 and V281. Both feature the famous amplifier design used in the HPA V200 (which will remain in production along with HPA V181). HPA V220 is the base unit while the V281 will add an additional internal stereo amp along with a 4 pin XLR headphone connector for balanced headphone configurations. The power supply will use large toroidal transformers which will enable additional output power as compared with the V181 and V200. The reliable V200 amp circuitry is utilized with its highly efficient current limiters and will only be slightly altered to further refine the design. Both models offer balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs along with an optional digital input. The digital modules are available as USB, Coaxial and Optical with your choice of 24/96 or our newly designed 24/192 version that uses a PCM1798 D/A converter along with optimized analog output circuitry. Lots of protection circuitry is used in this design to ensure extremely long lasting lifespan for both the amp and your headphones.

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NEW  MHDT Laboratory Audio Devices  NEW

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