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Aphrodite Cu29 "Goddess of Sound"
Aphrodite Cu29 "Goddess of Sound"
3411 121st Ave NW - Minneapolis, MN - USA

Aphrodite Cu29 "Goddess of Sound"...
What's in a Name?


Established in 2003, Aphrodite Cu29 strives to satisfy the extreme demands of the audiophile residing in all of us. Derived from Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, Passion and Beauty  Cu, the Element Symbol for Copper  29, the Atomic Number for Copper.  Combined to symbolically represent our perpetual love affair with technology and just how essential copper is to the very existence of all the electronic devices that shape our world today. Reality is that you, I and life as we know it on Earth would not exist without copper. So in the Grand Scheme of the Universe, we can not live without copper and the "Things" we can not live without are brought to life by copper.


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The Aphrodite Cu29 Experience


Aphrodite Cu29 is run by audiophiles for audiophiles. Our mission is to provide you with all the tools you need to achieve your goal of the ultimate aural experience. Extensive product information, scientific insight and the latest technology equals your ability to create the system of your dreams. We welcome any questions you may have about improving your current system. Or, if you are starting from scratch, we can assist you in selecting the appropriate components to ensure a perfect fit with your personal listening environment.





Alpha Design Labs

Arcici Inc


Burson Audio

Cardas Audio

Firestone Audio



High Resolution Technologies

MaXimus Overdrive

MaXimus 195L


MHDT Laboratory Audio Devices

Muse Electronics



Sound Performance Lab






Zeus Headphone Cables


Aphrodite Cu29 "Goddess of Sound"