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Zeus Headphone Cable

Zeus Headphone Cable

Zeus Headphone Cable

Sennheiser Zeus Headphone Cable

Sennheiser Zeus Hard Wired Headphone Cable

WireWorld Technology The primary problem of audio cables was discovered and addressed over 100 years ago, when telephone companies struggled with problems of intelligibility over very long phone lines. British physicist/engineer Oliver Heaviside theorized that this problem was caused by inductive (electromagnetic) loss, and in 1893 he proposed the solution of increasing the inductive coupling between the two conductors to reduce the inductive loss of the telephone circuit. This solution was implemented in 1900 with telephone loading coils, which are still in use today. These coils are connected at intervals along phone lines to preserve the fidelity and strength of the signal.


The most audible differences among interconnect and speaker cables are also the result of inductive loss. While some listeners may actually like certain sonic colorations caused by cable inductance, these effects are always accompanied by dynamic compression and masking of the finer sonic details. For example, speaker cables with widely separated positive and negative conductors exhibit so much inductive loss that they distinctly thin out and compress the sound. WireWorld’s DNA™ cables have optimally engineered, closely-spaced conductors, which provide dramatic improvements in the preservation of harmonic structure, three-dimensionality and dynamics.

Insulation Materials

The materials used to insulate the conductors in audio and video cables can be a significant factor in their ultimate performance. Fortunately, some inexpensive materials, such as polyethylene and polypropylene, introduce minimal signal loss in cables. Many audio cables and some video cables are insulated with lesser materials, such as PVC, a lossy insulator that can degrade audio and video fidelity. All WireWorld cables are insulated with superior materials, including some specialized composites (Composite Dielectric Technology™) with unique benefits, which enable them to preserve as much of the signal as possible for their price.

Directionallity & Shielding

The microstructure of copper and silver conductors is actually made up of individual grains of the metal. Unavoidable angular patterns in this grain structure can cause cables to perform differently in both directions. WireWorld cables are manufactured utilizing a proprietary Grain Optimization™ process that specifically controls the grain structure of the metal to produce the highest fidelity when the signal flows in the direction of the arrows printed on the cable. Some other brands of audio interconnects are directional because their shields are only connected at one end of the cable. The shields in WireWorld cables are connected at both ends to provide superior isolation from noise.

WireWorld DNA Helix Headphone Cable


Of the various impurities commonly found in copper, oxygen is especially problematic because copper oxide can restrict conduction between the individual grains of copper. Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) contains less oxygen than the common ETP (Electrolytic Tough Pitch) copper, making it a better conductor for audio and video cables. OFC is also known as 4-nines (4N) purity because it is specified as 99.99% oxygen-free. OCC is the trademark for Ohno Continuous Casting, the most advanced process for refining and casting copper and silver conductors. OCC copper and silver conductors are guaranteed to be 99.99997% (6N) pure. Superior conductors can improve the Performance of audio and video cables, but they cannot correct cable design problems. For example, silver is 6% more conductive than copper, and silver oxide is a much better conductor than copper oxide. These advantages improve resolution, which tends to magnify the colorations caused by the design flaws of most silver audio cables. WireWorld’s silver cables are carefully engineered to maximize the advantages of silver conductors for even cleaner and more lifelike sound and imaging than the same designs with copper conductors.

Beyerdynamic T1 Zeus Hex24 Headphone Cable

Zeus Features

The most incredibly "natural" sound ever achieved by a headphone cable.
Details are crisp and never smeared. Bass response is precise and never bloated.
(Headphone cables are typically hook-up or chassis wire designed for high temperature environments inside components, these conductors are designed specifically for pure audio signal transmission between components.)

Enjoy the same listening levels at lower volume settings.
(Resulting from decreased resistance of the DNA Helix design & proprietary materials used for conductor insulation)

Black TechFlex Nylon Multifilament Sleeve is the standard finish for Zeus Headphone Cables.
Zeus Quad24 cables are just as light and flexible as stock cables, occasionally even more so.
Standard cable diameter is approximately 5-6mm.
(Optional Transparent Mono-Chrome Cable finish is available for Y cable leads)

Balanced cables are available in standard Y configuration. Or, as the T1 pictured, with separate Left/Right cables from ear cup to XLR connector.
(By separating left/right channels you greatly reduce crosstalk & increase stereo imaging)

ViaBlue T6s 24K Gold 6.3mm is standard TRS.
(ViaBlue uses a Gold-Clad over pure Oxygen-Free Copper. No nickel sub-plating.)

WireWorld Silver XLRs are standard for balanced configuration.
(WireWorld uses a Silver-Clad over pure Oxygen-Free Copper. No nickel sub-plating.)

Conductors are soldered with Cardas Silver Quad Eutectic Premium Solder.
(After testing various solders on the market, Cardas Quad Eutectic solder sonically outperforms them all (including Tri Eutectic). It's actually quite surprising just how much sonic impact solder has on a finished cable.)

Solder joints are treated and protected with DeoxIt Gold.
(This prevents any oxidation and ensures sonic purity for the lifetime of the cable.)


Zeus Selection & Pricing

OCC Cu - WireWorld DNA Helix Conductors

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OCC Ag - WireWorld DNA Helix Conductors

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Beyerdynamic T1 Zeus Hex24 Headphone Cable

Zeus Headphone Cable

Zeus Headphone Cable