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Violectric v630

Violectric v630

Violectric PRE V630 Preamplifier

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OPTION - RECO V630 - Remote control for PRE V630 incl. One-For-All URC 7140


Preamplifier PRE V630

The PRE V630 was developed with the target to enable ultimate transmission quality. Because of its double outputs and the optional remote control, V630 is best suited to be the ideal link between your analog sources and your power amp respectively your active speakers.


Preamplifier PRE V630 Features

3 unbal. inputs to be activated with relais
Mute switchable
unbal output can be set fixed or variable
unbal output gain can be set to -6/0/+6 dB balanced output gain can be set to -9/-6/-3/0/+3/+6/+9 dB
both outputs with delayed switch-on via relais
both outputs simultaneously useable
High-grade volume control ALPS RK 27 with
optimized channel balance and lowest crosstalk
for input selection, mute and RK 27 motorized volume control
Noise- and hum-free built-in power supply with toroidal transformer, large smoothing capacitors
Case and back panel made of aluminium and Nextel coated.
The 8 mm frontpanel is black anodized. The labeling is laser engraved.

Violectric v630

Violectric v630

Preamplifier PRE V630 Technical Data

Unbalanced inputs: 3 x 2 RCA / Cinch (L/R)
Unbal. Ouputs: 1 x 2 RCA / Cinch (L/R)
Bal Outputs: 2 x XLR
Amplifier Channels: 2 (Stereo)
Max. input level: + 24 dBu
Amplifier Gain: 0 / +6 dB (unbal/bal)
... with PRE-GAIN: -6 / 0 / +6 dB (unbal out)
-9/-6/-3/0/+3/+6/+9 dB (bal out)
Frequency range: 3 Hz ... 80 kHz (-0,5 dB)
Dynamic range (A): > 134/136 dB (unbal/bal)
Noise (A-wtd): < -110/-107 dBu (unbal/bal)
Noise (RMS): < -105/-104 dBu (unbal/bal)

THD+N : @ +6dBu / 1 kHz: < -100/-101 dB (unbal/bal)
@ +15dBu / 1 kHz: < -102/-102 dB (unbal/bal)
Crosstalk: > -126 / -111dB @ 1 / 15 kHz
Max output level: +24 / +29 dBu (unbal/bal)
Output impedance: 2 / 1,6 Ohm (unbal/bal)

Power supply: 230 / 115 VAC 10 VA
Dimensions: 170 x 49 x 225 mm (W x H x D)
Case and Back: Nextel coated aluminium
Front panel: 8mm, black anodised, lasered

Options: Remote control

Violectric v630

Violectric v630