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Ultrasone Zino Headphones

Ultrasone Zino Headphones

Ultrasone Zino Potrable Headphones

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Find a New Level of Sound Quality

The specially developed Zino establishes a new level of sound quality for portable sound devices. Find the true sound of your portable music player with Zino. These headphones are designed to be small for use with the iPod and any other MP3 or audio players but they are developed to sound big especially with mobile players!

Let´s face it. The headphones that come as standard with your personal music player don´t really do your music justice, do they? But plug a pair of Zino into the headphones socket and you´ll unlock a whole new way of listening. The Zino is designed to bring out the best in your personal music player. Your music will sound the way it is supposed to sound. Clearer. With greater depth. And better separation. As though your´re actually there at a live concert.

How is it possible? Because Zino is produced by Ultrasone. And Ultrasone creates the high specification headphones that are used by music studios around the world. Now Ultrasone has taken the technology it developed for the professional sound industry and built it into a revolutionary pair of headphones designed specifically for your personal music player.

Ultrasone Zino Headphones

Easy On Your Hearing

Clearer sound equals lower volume equals safer listening. If you own a personal music player you´re going to spend a lot of time wearing headphones. So you should be aware of the potential risk of hearing loss if you listen to music at high volumes. Of course, a lot of people believe that music that isn´t loud isn´t worth listening to at all. Which is where Zino scores again. Because of the way the S-LogicTM system works, Zino sounds as loud as other headphones set to volumes 40% (3-dB) higher. So as well as protecting the quality of your music, Zino also helps protect your ears. However, Ultrasone generally advises not to listen to music at high volumes to prevent hearing damage.

Ultrasone Zino Headphones

Easy to Wear - Easy to Store

The Zino adjusts to fit your head and folds to fit your bag. They are built to be comfortable but also to look good when you´re wearing them. Precisely adjustable arms mean Zino fits snug without being tight. Due to the folding-mechanism you can fold the Zino headphones easily like sun-glasses. The arms are hinged so it will fit neatly into their carrying hard case for safe transportation. Comfortable and portable. The way personal headphones are supposed to be.

Ultrasone Zino Headphones

Ultrasone´s S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound

Now discover Natural Surround Sound with S-LogicTM. At the heart of Zino is S-LogicTM, Ultrasone´s patented speaker technology. Only S-Logic headphones have it. The sound is no longer locked in, but appears broad and detached. Directions and distances can be heard and perceived - it’s just like being in a live concert. So no other headphones will sound the same. Other headphones fire sound directly at your inner ear. S-LogicTM uses decentralised speakers to direct sound at the outer ear. Using S-LogicTM, the signal from Zino headphones is reflected off the surface of your outer ear before entering the auditory canal.

Did you know that you use and need the outer ear for your three-dimensional understanding to define the direction and distance where a sound comes from? S-Logic™ is the only headphone system that uses all of your sense of hearing in this way. S-Logic™ does not change your personal hearing, it intensifies it for your individual needs and listening pleasure. So, what you hear is a rich, three dimensional sound that sounds entirely natural. Music on an iPod or MP3 player will sound as powerful as if you were listening to speakers several meters away. S-Logic™ does neither need artificial echo nor digital sound processing or cross over run time delay.

Ultrasone´s ULE-technology (MU Meal shielding)

ULE Technology – it´s an anti-radiation thing. To understand what ULE technology does, you need to know that drivers in normal headphones produce low-frequency magnetic fields as they convert electrical signals into the acoustic signals you hear as music. Although the scientific jury´s still out as to damage this magnetic radiation could do to people who wear headphones for long of periods of time, Zino employs Ultrasone´s patented ULE technology. ULE stand for Ultra Low Emissions. It uses special metal shielding that reduces magnetic radiation by up to 98%. The ULE technology has stood the test of international review and is recommended by technical surveillance organisations.

Zino Technical Specificaions

S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound
ULE Technology (Ultra Low Emission) MU Metal bufferboard,
reduced field emissions in accordance with the ULE standard Dynamic principle
Frequency Range: 25 - 25.000 Hz
Impedance: 35 Ohm
Sound Pressure Level: 101 dB
Driver: 40mm gold-plated
Weight: 84g (without cord)
Cord length: ca. 1.10m (OFC Cable)
Aluminium 3,5mm gold-plated slim-plug


* Gunmetal-black, foldable, semi-open, supra aural headphones
with Aluminium nameplate and applied diamond cut logo.
* These headphones have been specially designed and developed for
iPod, MP3 players and other portable sound devices.
* Equipped with S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound and MU Metal shielding.
Includes a solid Zino hard case for easy storage and safe transportation.

Ultrasone Zino Headphones

Ultrasone Zino Headphones

Ultrasone Headphones