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Burson Pre Amp 160 Series

Burson Audio Pre Amp

Burson Audio Pre Amp

Burson Audio Pre Amp

Burson Audio Pre Amp

Burson Audio Pre Amp

Pre Amp 160 Series - $2069.00
(PRE160 MSRP $2299.00)
Save $230.00

Pre Amp + Integrated Amplifier 160 Series - $3725.00
(PRE160 + PI160 MSRP $4598.00)
Save $873.00

Pre Amp + Power Amp 160 Series - $3725.00
(PRE160 + PP160 MSRP $4598.00)
Save $873.00

Pre Amp + RCA Audio Buffer 160 Series - $2400.00
(PRE160 + AB160RCA MSRP $2848.00)
Save $448.00

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A Performance Focused Benchmark Setting Performer

In the preamp stage, music signal is still very weak and vulnerable to interference. At this stage, unclean power pollutes every note and distort the purity of music. The PRE-160 is built with an emphasis on clean power supply. It makes music sound exactly like music is supposed to sound.

Clean Power

The entire power supply network is custom designed for the PRE-160. It is a combination of two dual rail power supplies (total of 4) teamed with two custom-built low noise triode transformers. It has a wide bandwidth, a fast setting time, extremely low noise and impedance to ensure the cleanest power possible is used to reproduce every audio signal.

Listening Impression

The PRE-160 strikes a new balance between musicality and precision. Like a maestro, it has every vibration under perfect control, but like a jazz pianist, it allows emotion to flow freely between each key. The sound stage is darker, the musicians are more solid and the experience is more intense.

In an industry full of products driven by commercialism, our PRE-160 will stand the test of time. Because the creation of PRE-160 was driven by our passion and our love for music. 



High Sensitivity Input Buffer (HSIB)

Burson Audio Pre Amp

Fearing for a loss of transparency, most audiophiles are reluctant to add another component to their audio chain. But those who have tried the PRE-160 know that the buffer in fact enhances sonic transparency by synergising the entire audio system.

The PRE-160 has achieved absolute transparency through our patented Burson HSIB stage. The HSIB is an FET input stage that has very high input impedance (hence very sensitive to even low level input). This effectively allows our buffer stage to match up to any input or output signal drains, and realise the full potential of the audio system without adding any colouration of its own.


A Performance Focused Volume Control

Burson Audio Pre Amp

At the time when an audio signal is passing through the volume control, it is still at its weakest. At this stage, the audio signal is very vulnerable to noise pollution and interference. A major source of such distortion is the commonly used remote volume control adopted by most manufactures.

Burson Audio recognized the drawbacks associated with remote volume controls and deemed them unacceptable. Instead, we developed a 24 stepped attenuator, constructed with the best quality components available. Our Burson stepped attenuator ensures preservation of even the weakest audio signal; The air between instruments, the decay after an attack and all micro details that makes music enjoyable.


Low Noise Power Supply (LNPS)

Burson Audio Pre Amp

Based on our low noise regulator technology our power supply design uses multi stage noise filtering. It allows music to be reproduced from a darker, wider and deeper soundstage.


Resonance Free Aluminium (RFA) Enclosure

Burson Audio Pre Amp

The PRE-160is housed in a 6mm case, constructed from high precision machined aluminium. This enclosure allows the PRE-160, to achieve a very high mechanical damping factor, which reduces any microphonic effects, that may degrade the clarity of sonic performance. The enclosure was also constructed to act as a giant heat-sink, which allows the Class-A output stage to run cooler, and remain optimised at all times.



Output Voltage RMS: 25 Volts 20Hz to 20 kHz
Output Voltage Peak-to-Peak: 80 Volts
Output Impedance: 20 Ohms
Output Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz, ±0dB
Output Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise - 20Hz to 20kHz: < 0.002%
Output Signal / Noise Ratio Reference 1 Volt RMS: > 100dB 'A'-weighted
Input Sensitivity for 1 Volt Output: 285mV
Input Impedance: 250k Ohms
Gain at Maximum Volume: 15dB (5 times)
Inputs / Outputs: 3 Pairs Line Level RCA Connectors
Outputs: 1 Pair RCA
Power Requirement: 240V / 120V AC
Dimensions W x H x D (mm): 430 X 100 X 360mm
Weight (Kg): 12kg


Burson Pre Amp 160 Series