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Burson Audio Buffer 160 Series

Burson Audio Buffer

Burson Audio Buffer

Burson Audio Buffer

Burson Audio Buffer

Burson Audio Buffer

XLR Audio Buffer 160 Series - $609.00
(AB160 XLR)

RCA Audio Buffer 160 Series - $509.00
(AB160 RCA MSRP $549.00)
Save $40.00

RCA Audio Buffer + Headphone Amp 160 Series - $1148.00
(AB160RCA + HA160 MSRP $1248.00)
Save $100.00

RCA Audio Buffer + Integrated Amp 160 Series - $2400.00
(AB160RCA + PI160 MSRP $2848.00)
Save $448.00

RCA Audio Buffer + Pre Amp 160 Series - $2400.00
(AB160RCA + PRE160 MSRP $2848.00)
Save $448.00

RCA Audio Buffer + Power Amp 160 Series - $2400.00
(AB160RCA + PP160 MSRP $2848.00)
Save $448.00

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Impedance mismatching, your audio system may have it. What is it?

Impedance mismatching refers to a situation where the various audio gears are not fully synergised. This usually occurs between the source (CD player, Dac, Ipod) and the rest of the audio setup. When the audio system is not fully synergised, it is not fully optimised, resulting in signal loss and distortion.

Mis-matching in Hi End Audio

Different circuitry designs produce different input and output impedance. Therefore, impedance compatibility needs to be considered before buying any piece of audio equipment.

However, while some manufacturers are willing to disclose the I/O impedance figures, others are not. Therefore unless the entire audio system is purchased from the same manufacturer within the same product line, it is most likely that impedance mismatching will exist.

As a result, the audio market is full of confusion, myth and plenty of ill-advised investments. Due to impedance mismatching, it is very likely that most audiophiles are only hearing approximately 70% of their systems full potential. 

Mis-matching in IPod & PC Audio
(the file format may be lossless but is the playback lossless?)

Ipods and PCs can play back lossless audio files that are identical to CD quality. But when connected to a high-end system, they always sound flat and lifeless compared to even a cheap $200 CD player! There always seems to be a need to turn up the volume to achieve a similar level of sound. . Why?

The reason is that the Ipod and soundcards were designed to be compact, light weight and energy efficient. Their audio output stages are completely different to any home based audio equipment. The Ipod is powered by a 5V battery and the soundcard runs on 12V, while, a home audio equipment will always run on 24V+. Therefore Ipods and soundcards were never designed to synergise with any of the hi-end amplifiers, so one can only imagine the amount of impedance mismatch between them. Therefore, although that audio file is lossless, the play-back through an amplifier is certainly not!

The Solution

The Burson Audio Buffer is designed to remove any impedance mismatch by acting as an isolation platform between any of the source components e.g.(CD, DVD, SACD player, Phono preamp, PC sound card or even an IPod) and downstream amplification (preamp, intergraded amp, etc). The Burson Audio Buffer will increase signal transmission efficiency between all components, unlocking the potential of any system.


Burson Audio Buffer

What to expect once your system is synergised?

Once the AB-160 is in place, sonic details that were once lost, will be fully reproduced to create a more complete experience. Play familiar – very familiar – material, and you will hear the finest details fully resolved, while the fundamentals take on a new level of life and solidity. That “harsh digital sound” will be replaced by a wider and more three dimensional sound stage.



High Sensitivity Input Buffer (HSIB)

Burson Audio Buffer

Fearing for a loss of transparency, most audiophiles are reluctant to add another component to their audio chain. But those who have tried the AB-160 know that the buffer in fact enhances sonic transparency by synergising the entire audio system.

The AB-160 has achieved absolute transparency through our patented Burson HSIB stage. The HSIB is an FET input stage that has very high input impedance (hence very sensitive to even low level input). This effectively allows our buffer stage to match up to any input or output signal drains, and realise the full potential of the audio system without adding any colouration of its own.


Resonance Free Aluminium (RFA) Enclosure

Burson Audio Buffer

The AB-160 is housed in a 6mm case, constructed from high precision machined aluminium. This enclosure allows the AB-160, to achieve a very high mechanical damping factor, which reduces any microphonic effects, that may degrade the clarity of sonic performance. The enclosure was also constructed to act as a giant heat-sink, which allows the Class-A buffer to run cooler, and remain optimised at all times.


Low Noise Power Supply (LNPS)

Burson Audio Buffer

Based on our low noise regulator technology our power supply design uses multi stage noise filtering. It allows music to be reproduced from a darker, wider and deeper soundstage.


Specifications & Application

Burson Audio Buffer

Output Noise Level : 0.015MV (nil input)
Maximum Output Voltage :12VRMS
Maximum Input Voltage: 6VRMS SN:120DB
Frequency Response :0-220KHZ(-3DB)
Gain: 3-6dB selectable (great for passive preamp)
Net Weight: 5.5 kg
Dimensions: (180mm X 250mm X 80mm)
Other Features:
• Dual Mono design for maximum noise separation
• Extreme short signal path less than 6cm on quality PCB
• High Quality components (Elna Audio graded caps, carefully matched high quality audio transistors,
DALE military graded resistors...) with hand soldering


Burson Audio Buffer 160 Series