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Aphrodite Cu29 is run by audiophiles for audiophiles. Our mission is to provide you with all the tools you need to achieve your goal of the ultimate aural experience. Extensive product information, scientific insight and the latest technology equals your ability to create the system of your dreams. We welcome any questions you may have about improving your current system. Or, if you are starting from scratch, we can assist you in selecting the appropriate components to ensure a perfect fit with your personal listening environment.

audiophile - from Latin audio "I hear" and Greek philos "loving", a person who is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction

NEW   Violectric Next Generation Headphone Amplifiers - V220 & V281   NEW

We are proud to announce that after two years of work our new headphone amplifier designs have finally been completed. Both the electronics and the case designs have been finished and are now ready for the next phase, setting up production. The new models for 2014 are named V220 and V281. Both feature the famous amplifier design used in the HPA V200 (which will remain in production along with HPA V181). HPA V220 is the base unit while the V281 will add an additional internal stereo amp along with a 4 pin XLR headphone connector for balanced headphone configurations. The power supply will use large toroidal transformers which will enable additional output power as compared with the V181 and V200. The reliable V200 amp circuitry is utilized with its highly efficient current limiters and will only be slightly altered to further refine the design. Both models offer balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs along with an optional digital input. The digital modules are available as USB, Coaxial and Optical with your choice of 24/96 or our newly designed 24/192 version that uses a PCM1798 D/A converter along with optimized analog output circuitry. Lots of protection circuitry is used in this design to ensure extremely long lasting lifespan for both the amp and your headphones.

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NEW   Violectric PPA V600 Phono Pre Amplifier   NEW

Finest Pre-Amplifier with countless Features... The PPA V600 was developed with the target to enable highest transmission quality for moving-coil and moving-magnet phono cartridges. For this reason PPA V600 offers balanced inputs via 5-pin XLR and unbalanced inputs via RCA.

NEW   Violectric PRE V630 Preamplifier   NEW

The PRE V630 was developed with the target to enable ultimate transmission quality. Because of its double outputs and the optional remote control, V630 is best suited to be the ideal link between your analog sources and your power amp respectively your active speakers.

Violectric V181 Balanced Headphone Amplifier & DAC

The Violectric HPA V181 is the first balanced headphone amp manufactured in Germany! The four built-in amplifiers provide balanced operation of headphones. Connection is made via 4-pin Neutrik XLR connector. Two “standard” headphones may be connected via 1/4" jacks on the front panel.

Violectric DAC V800 Digital Audio Converter

Violectric V200 Headphone Amplifier & DAC Balanced Inputs

The Violectric HPA V200 was developed with the target to enable ultimate transmission quality for low- , medium- and high-impedance headphones design is our high-end interpretation for what a complete headphone amplifier should be.

November 2009: Comparative Test in Professional Audio Musik & Equipment
All three Violectric headphone amplifiers are real top devices which provide together with high quality headphones a real treat for the ears. Who would want it absolutely honest and neutral is best suited with the V100. Who requires even more detailed sound and an impulse behaviour hardly more to be excelled, has to take V200 into account. In every aspect this is the best headphone amplifier we have ever tested."

Sound Performance Lab Phonitor

The Sound Performance Lab Phonitor design is our high-end interpretation for what a complete headphone amplifier should be. A well chosen system of Phonitor and headphones can by and large replace loudspeakers and offers all that is required for a successful session long listening periods without ear fatigue. In addition to its standard monitoring functions the Phonitor offers new controls such as “Crossfeed“, “Speaker Angle“ and “Center Level“. These are the essential parameters that create the width, balance and overall space within a listening field and how we recognize them coming from the loudspeaker. Crossfeed simulates the frequency dependent interaural level differences from both channels. Speaker Angle determines the stereo width caused by frequency dependent interaural time differences. Center Level regulates the balance between phantom centre and L/R stereo signals.


WireWorld Cable Technology

WireWorld Pure Silver / Copper Ohno Continuous Cast OCC audio, video and power cables utilize a series of patented and highly effective innovations to provide dramatic improvements in sound and image quality. Our unique scientific approach of comparing cables to a direct connection has resulted in products of superlative performance and value, which thrill consumers and critics all around the World. A generation has passed since audio enthusiasts first discovered that cables could change the sound of their stereo systems, but clear explanations of those changes and of why one cable may produce better sound quality than another are not easily found. The fact is that the best cable of all, would be no cable at all, a direct physical connection between components. Our unique approach of evaluating cables by comparing them to a direct connection has enabled us to develop cables that clearly preserve more of the beautiful harmonic textures and dynamic expression that make live music so enjoyable. Likewise, our objective methodology and dedication to quality have also led to substantial advances in digital video cable and power cord technology.

New DNA Helix Headphone Cables!!!

*** Exclusively From Aphrodite Cu29 ***

Zeus Quad & Zeus Hex Premium Headphone Cables

Available in OCC Copper, Silver-Clad OCC Copper & Solid OCC Silver


M2TECH Digital Interface Solutions

HiFace Evo Hi-End 24bit/192kHz USB-S/PDIF  -  Young 32bit/384kHz High Resolution DAC  -  HiFace USB-S/PDIF Interface


MHDT Laboratory Audio Devices

Havana Tube DAC SE Version  -  Havana Tube DAC Balanced Version  -  USBridge USB to SPDIF Convertor



Furutech - Pure Transmission

Furutech fuses robust military grade construction together with the precision fit and striking finish of fine jewelry, resulting in one of the most impressive audio signal transmission product lines available today. Since their huge success in Japan and throughout South East Asia, I am honored to bring the Furutech Experience to my part of the world. Utilizing Ohno Continuous Cast OCC conductors, cryogenic and demagnetizing technologies, The Furutech Experience delivers transparency and dynamics to die for, a complete lack of coloration and frequency extension to the highest and lowest levels possible. Whether you're ready to rock or want to melt the world away with your favorite symphony, Furutech transports Audiophiles closer to the Sonic Holy Grail than ever before!!!

ViaBlue World of Audio

ViaBlue High-End Technologies

ViaBlue Silver Quattro ViaBlue XLR Interconnect ViaBlue T6s  XLR ViaBlue

ViaBlue World Of Audio from Germany is now available!

High End silver audio and video cables engineered and made in Germany. Speaker cables, Analogue interconnect cables, Digital interconnect cables, Toslink optical cables, HDMI cables, Subwoofer cables, Antenna / SAT cables, etc... All terminated with 24K Gold connectors and protected from RFI / noise with ferrite core filters!

ViaBlue ViaBlue HDMI Cables ViaBlue Speaker Cables ViaBlue TS Series Banana Connectors ViaBlue

Eliminating Vibrations with ViaBlue™ Three-Peak-System Isolation System. ViaBlue TRI Absorbers, QTC Spikes and HS spikes. ViaBlue™ TRI absorbers receive vibrations from vibrating bodies like speakers (such as diaphragms) and devices (such as transformers and reduces them. Through a high pressure concentrated on three minimum points (peaks), maximum pressure is built up as a connection point between vibrating bodies and their base. Through the extreme pressure points, the vibrations are eliminated. This leads to vibration absorption.

ViaBlue ViaBlue TRI Absorbers ViaBlue HS Spikes ViaBlue TOSLINK ViaBlue

ViaBlue                ViaBlue               ViaBlue

NEW Burson Audio 160 Series Headphone Amplifier - Audio Buffer - Pre Amp - Integrated Amp
Power Amp w/Tube Boost Mode.

Burson Audio 160 Series

In order to achieve the best possible sonic performance, we have stripped off all unnecessary functionalities and bring your much closer to your music. Once you have listened with the HA-160 you will be taken by the sense of space. In addition, the delicacy and transparency of the high-frequencies are beyond reproach. Teamed with a high end headphone, one can hear all the vibrations that have been recorded through the studio’s microphone. The good the bad and the ugly. When the last note falls you know that your soul has been cleansed once again.



HRT High Resolution Technologies

USB to DAC Music Streamer II, Music Streamer II+, Music Streamer Pro & Music Streamer HD. The Music Streamer Pro is a high performance music interface (USB connected DAC) that allows a computer and a professional audio system to become perfect partners. With its unique topology the Music Streamer Pro provides a completely isolated path between the computer and the audio system. No more contamination of the analog signal by the computer environment; no matter the situation, the results will always be their best. There are no external power supplies to worry about because the Music Streamer Pro derives its power from the USB buss while completely regenerating power for all its internal needs using a sophisticated set of proprietary circuits.

Aphrodite Cu29                     Aprhodite Cu29 "Goddess of Sound"

audiophile - from Latin audio "I hear" and Greek philos "loving", a person who is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction

Aphrodite Cu29 "Goddess of Sound"...
What's in a Name?

Established in 2003, Aphrodite Cu29 strives to satisfy the extreme demands of the audiophile residing in all of us. Derived from Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, Passion and Beauty  Cu, the Element Symbol for Copper  29, the Atomic Number for Copper.  Combined to symbolically represent our perpetual love affair with technology and just how essential copper is to the very existence of all the electronic devices that shape our world today. Reality is that you, I and life as we know it on Earth would not exist without copper. So in the Grand Scheme of the Universe, we can not live without copper and the "Things" we can not live without are brought to life by copper.

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